Protect what's yours.

While growing your wealth is critical for financial prosperity, protecting your wealth is just as important for long term security and peace of mind. There are many different choices and variables when it comes to choosing a risk management plan. At First Class Wealth, we consider insurance providers inside and outside of your superannuation in order to optimise for tax deductibility and cash flow. Additionally, by ensuring your insurance products have the correct ownership structure, we can maximise your level of wealth and income protection while reducing potential fees.

While you don’t have time for paperwork, we do. As a private client at First Class Wealth, we take care of all the administration involved in your financial strategy. And while you might think your most valuable asset is your home or your car, it’s not. The most vital asset you have is your income. It’s not just what enables your daily lifestyle needs, it’s the key that unlocks your long term goals. 

Wealth protection is all about reducing the risks associated with wealth accumulation and the protection of what you have already acquired.

You may be thinking ‘who needs life insurance?’ Simply, if you have a family who is financially dependent on you and/or have debts that are serviced from your income alone, you should consider the peace of mind life insurance may bring. Obviously, the greater your financial obligations and the more dependants you have, the more insurance you may need to protect your assets and your family’s financial security.

Life is full of uncertainty and often the unexpected can occur. The death, injury or illness of a loved one can place an enormous strain on a family both emotionally and financially. Have you considered how your family would cope financially, if something were to happen?

Having a financial safety net in the event of sickness, disability or death can help ensure you and your family are protected during a difficult time.

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