Goals-based investing

Goals-based investing is a simple approach to meeting your personal and lifestyle goals in a straightforward way, whether it be increasing your wealth to purchase a property or ensuring you have sufficient income to maintain a comfortable retirement.

Our investment values

At the core of First Class Wealth's philosophy, we believe in the importance of understanding where you are in life and where you want to be: your priorities, your interests, and your dreams. Through prioritising what is essential for you, we develop strategies tailored for you. These strategies ensure you are on track to meet your goals and use the perfect mix of investment solutions. And we make sure to be as clear as possible in communicating your financial position: we measure success based on how well your portfolio is tracking against your goals, and don’t bombard you with unnecessarily complicated figures.

How it works: a bucketing approach

While your goals may be nuanced and individualistic, they can be broadly categorised into three “buckets”: essential needs, lifestyle wants, and legacy aspirations. How your goals are categorised and how these categories fit together is crucial to your investment success. You can think of these buckets as three sections of a pyramid. At the base, you'll find your most important and fundamental needs, as they are the first you’ll need to meet. Then you’ll find lifestyle wants and legacy aspirations.

Essential needs

Live comfortably everyday.
The majority of your income is generally used to meet these goals. Investment solutions for these needs will aim to deliver a predictable, and sustainable stream of income that is expected to rise with inflation over time.


Lifestyle wants

Live the life you want.
Tell us about your aspirations for your future, and we’ll design an investment portfolio to get you there. Investment solutions for these goals will generally aim to grow your wealth steadily over time.

Legacy aspirations

Leave a lasting legacy.
With your essential needs and lifestyle wants met, you may look to maximise the growth of any money you have set aside. Investment solutions for these goals include higher growth options and look to grow your money over the long term.


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