What's Your Wealth Mindset?

When we strive for something more than just hitting a certain income bracket, money becomes an avenue in which we can create the kind of lifestyle that has value beyond the dollar signs. When millionaire's go into bankruptcy, they often come out of it as millionaires. Why you ask? Could your mindset about money play a role in your never ending cycle of living pay check to pay check?

Jane Hwangbo states, "The difference between them and people with a poor person’s mindset is exactly that. Successful people value the process and the work itself over the outcome, the party, the accolades, and the money. In some way, they value the pain. It’s a better pain to build a business out of their art than say, the pain one gets from passing a kidney stone. The pain from doing their work and failing over and over again is meaningful pain, and always worth going through."

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