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It seems like time is continuously slipping out of our hands, with all of us at one point or another struggling to juggle our priorities, finding it almost impossible to fit everything into our schedules. But Jael Barrios of ‘Blissful Beauty’ seems to have solved this problem, not only owning her own independent up and coming beauty business but also being a mother of four! With a passion for everything makeup and hair, Jael started her business in 2014 and began to add her own unique twist to the industry – working with natural colours and the growing power of social media to ensure every one of her customers feels comfortable and amazing in their own skin.

1. Can you tell us a little about the Blissful Beauty by Jael and the areas you specialise in?

I started Blissful Beauty by Jael in 2014. I am a fully mobile, professional makeup artist, offering hair services as well. My ultimate goal is to create an amazing work of living art on the beautiful faces of the clients I work with.  As a makeup artist I am intimately involved in people’s most special moments and life events, and this humbles me yet fills my heart with pride when people choose me to be their makeup artist. I specialise in Editorial, Bridal, Special Occasion and Tattoo Cover-Ups.

2. What makes Blissful Beauty by Jael a unique brand?

At Blissful Beauty by Jael, I listen to what the client wants, and use what they describe to create a look that is uniquely them, enhancing their natural beauty, not masking it. I understand colour theory very well, so my work is always complimenting their own colours (hair, eyes, and skin tone) rather than clashing with it.

3. As most small business owners understand, your time is often split between various roles within the business and in your case, you are also a mother of four! How do you juggle the different roles that are required to operate this business, and find time to spend with your family?

Haha, I rarely sleep!  I tend to get the most work done when the kids are all in bed and it is really late at night!  I do, however, have an amazing husband who works tirelessly to help me out in every way possible (he even loads the dishwasher!), he is my marketing designer (if I need flyers or postcards designed), my own personal bank manager, and he looks after the kids if he is home so I can go play with makeup - I think I have the perfect life!

4. Can you talk us through your path towards becoming a makeup artist and how you gained the knowledge to establish a successful brand?

I have completed my makeup diploma through Makeup School in California, and have done numerous masterclasses to help me develop skills where I may be weak in.  I am also currently completing a marketing course online to further my marketing skills to help grow and establish my brand. This industry is a lot more about who you know, than how amazing your skill is, so finding and working with outstanding photographers and models has helped my business grow as well.

5. I can image that you have faced several challenges since you established Blissful Beauty. What have been the most challenging and rewarding aspects of running your own business?

The most challenging aspect of running your own business is keeping on top of everything!  Making sure you are marketing properly, ensuring your makeup kit is always fully stocked, (convincing yourself you don’t need that new palette!), posting on your social media pages so your followers and clients see your work continually.The most rewarding aspect of owning your own business is you don’t answer to anyone else.  You can do what you want, create the looks you want, use the products you want!  It is a great feeling knowing that you built this business from the ground up, and knowing my kids will look back and see how motivated and strong their mum was, and maybe it will encourage them to be that as well!

6. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned over the years and what is one thing you wish you knew before you started down this path?

The most valuable lesson I think has to be that you cannot rely on anyone.  People will let you down so quickly, and not think about how it is hurting or affecting you. I wish I knew how to market properly right from the start. It would have saved me a lot of time and money!

7. How do you stay motivated to continually perfect your craft and innovate the makeup industry?

I stay motivated by seeing what other makeup artists in the area are doing.  I love taking masterclasses and if I cannot get to one I will watch videos that I have obtained of other professionals teaching. I love working with creative photographers to help innovate the makeup industry. The more creative the works of art we create, the more impact we have on the industry!

8. Social media is becoming a vital aspect of most industries and businesses, how do you incorporate social media into your business and do you believe it is important to stay on top of your social media game as a means of marketing?

I use Instagram and Facebook as my Social Media giants and I hash tag EVERYTHING I do, with EVERYTHING I can think of! I think that being on Social Media greatly benefits your business, but I wouldn’t say it should be your sole source of marketing, but it has the ability to reach the most amount of people in the least amount of time if done correctly.

9. What are your top three tips for busy mums and working women who still want to look polished?

My top three tips to all the busy women out there are :

a) MASCARA – Mascara is one product that will instantly give your eyes a more awake, open look, which really helps when you have had a late night up with the baby!

b) LIPSTICK – Lipstick is something that every woman should wear at least once a week. Lipstick has to be the one product that has the ability to make a woman more confident! Every woman feels sexy in a hot RED Lipstick!

c) CLEANSE AND MOISTURISE – This should be done daily (twice a day if you can take the time). Cleaning your face and keeping it moisturised is something I am very passionate about.  All the makeup in the world will not look good on a face that is flaky and dry or way too oily!  Properly looking after your skin will give you a younger look for a lot longer than those who don’t take care of it.  And exfoliate once or twice a week as well!

10. How would you describe your approach to makeup? Are there any style icons who inspire your makeup style?

My makeup looks tend to be more ethereal looking than anything else.  I always say “less is more” and stick to that policy, unless I am asked not too!  I think all women are beautiful and should use makeup to enhance that natural beauty, not wind up looking completely different (although it is fun to do so occasionally). My style icons would have to be Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Munroe, Robert Jones (MUA Makeup Academy), and my friend Stefan Illenseer from Germany who owns Blush Hour Academy.

For more information about Blissful Beauty by Jael visit her website http://blissfulbeautybyjael.com/