Understanding Insurance Cover

“Insurance cover”, two simple words that don’t mean a great deal to anyone who has never needed it. So why is it one of the most talked about aspects of financial advice?

Everyone in his or her lifetime will eventually know someone who has been sick for a substantial period of time, off work due to injury, diagnosed with a lifelong debilitating illness. Even Superman had a weakness - imagine if there was insurance for Kryptonite? He would be very well off and would never need to work as a “journalist” again.

Insurance is of the upmost importance to protect you and your family from suffering from lifelong financial hardship. Choosing the right cover will protect your current lifestyle and any future expenses associated with an illness or injury.

Click below to have a look at the different types of insurance covers. Also, did you know that you could pay for your insurance from your super? If you are still unsure, we are here to help.