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Being a small business owner sometimes means that you have to take on different roles each day - a manager, a marketer, a technician, a social media guru, the list goes on. Rob Hunter, Director of Lanter Technologies understands the challenges and rewards of running a small business and took some time out of his busy schedule to give First Class Wealth an insight into his journey as a successful small business owner in the IT industry. 
1. Run me through your career up until this point? 

After completing my studies in Information Technology in 2000, I accepted and successfully completed a number of contracting roles in the IT industry. I then took on the challenge of running a small business which I ran for six years before selling. After a number of years in corporate, I have begun the journey of establishing a business focused on the small to medium business market. 
2. What was your primary driver for starting your own business? 
To empower organisations with the right technology to assist in reaching their goals. 
3. What has been the most challenging part of your job? 
Regularly measuring business performance and keeping in line with objectives - It is so easy to get into a comfortable routine in a role where the job becomes easy, and there is little pressure to challenge yourself to press forward towards your goals. Each week I take a step back from the day to day work, and benchmark myself against the long term objective to ensure we are heading in the right direction. 
4. What has been your biggest challenge and what lessons do you take away from it? 
With the fast paced industry, and a vast number of solutions, my biggest challenge has been to slow down, and focus on what I do best, and let others focus on their core technology strengths. The lessons learnt have been to find and hold on to good quality staff. 
5. Technology is constantly evolving. How do you stay ahead of the evolving market? 
Instructor led training, e-newsletters to keep up with the latest news, tech forums, webinars are some examples. 
6. How has your business impacted your life, and the people around you? 
Business has provided a number of great opportunities in my life, and a number of challenges along the way. Spending time with my wife and two kids is very important to me. I start my day early so that for most days I have the evening with the family. I have found that people around me have been very supportive and understanding when challenges occur. 
Overall, it has been a great journey to date, with the support of my family. 
7. What is one advice you wish someone had told you before entering this industry? 
IT does not sleep! 
8. How do you balance work and personal life? 
There are weeks when work outweighs personal life, which I attempt to balance up with additional time off to spend with family and friends as they are very important to me. 
9. What is your advice for someone who would like to enter this industry? 

Buy a few people a coffee who have been in the industry for a number of years, and learn from their experiences. This applies to any industry. 
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