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To follow on from last week's First Class Wealth Spotlights, David Strachan shares with us his personal journey from dreaming of being a rock star to being a leader in the accounting industry.    

1. Run me through your career up until this point:

Having gained experience in a number of Commercial and Chartered Accounting & Banking firms, I decided in 2003 to establish my own Accounting/Consulting and Tax advisory practice.

As principal, with a committed team of qualified professionals, I have since that time been assisting small business clients and individuals with their tax and planning needs, solving any business problem that may arise.  

2. Why did you choose to be an accountant?

I wanted to be a “rock star” however I was good with numbers and enjoyed problem solving.  

3. Take me through a typical work day:

A typical work day would involve my morning coffee, followed by a brief meeting with staff catching up with any issues that haven’t been addressed, then from here it varies from day to day, however generally involves responding to emails, client meetings, phone calls, providing guidance to staff as required, reviewing work.

4. What has been the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part of my job would also be part of the job I enjoy the most. The challenge of solving client’s problems. Each client is so different and the encounters each of them faces are never the same so we need to stay on top of our game to be able to ensure that we are able to assist them in every way that we can.

5. Do you specialize in a particular area of accounting?

Accounting for small to medium business

6. What part of accounting do you particularly enjoy?

The challenge of solving client’s problems …. In particular achieving a positive outcome for a problem that may have been particularly difficult and has since resulted in either tax savings, the acquisition or sale of a business, or just the delivery of a particular service that resulted in the client achieving a positive outcome.   

7. How do you stay ahead of the ever-changing industry?

Through the abundance of information that comes via our professional body (CPA Australia) and other industry professionals  

8. Do you manage a balance between your personal and work life? If so, how?

Sometimes it’s difficult to manage, however I believe that is really important to switch off and have that work life balance. I do this through exercise, sport, dining out and regular catch up with friends and family.     

9. Any advice for people who want to become an accountant?

There are so many different opportunities available to people who want to start a career in Accounting. Don’t think it’s just boring numbers, accountants are exposed to a variety of different and interesting people and tasks. It’s an industry that allows you to help people in a range of ways and requires you to continue to always be learning and growing.

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