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Technology is an integral part of daily life. As for businesses, it is a vital operating tool to enhance customer service, efficiency and to reduce your environmental footprint.

 Rob Hunter, Director of Lanter Technologies understands the importance of technology for businesses. First Class Wealth operates primarily online and has many clients who are spread nationally and internationally. We asked Robert to sit down with us to discuss how other businesses can benefit from being technologically efficient.

1. How have you efficiently utilised technology in your own business and what have been the results?

 I believe we have all heard the saying “time is money”. For small business owners particularly, this is very true. Technology can provide countless opportunities to maximize efficiency across all business operations.

One example where we have utilised technology, is with going ‘Paperless’ – all internal processes rely on paperless transactions. It’s great for our environment, and an efficient, scalable approach to record keeping. It also enables us to give a faster response to our customers

 2. What is your advice for businesses that want to become more technologically efficient and where should they begin?

Have a non-technical discussion with your IT provider so they can get a good understanding of your internal processes. Once an understanding is established, recommendations can follow. Ensure you understand the benefits and available support for each recommendation before proceeding. If there are a number of recommendations, my advice would be to break the project up into small, manageable projects, and tackle one small project at a time.

 3. For some businesses moving from hard copy to soft copy utilising technology, what are the advantages of doing so and the typical timeframe for a transition.

Apart from the advantages mentioned in question 1, data analytics is key advantage. With digital records you can now very quickly query your business information to better understand your business. This can provide you with a competitive advantage, which can also enable you to maintain off site copies of your records to give you access to your documents from anywhere globally. The timeframe will vary depending on the business.

 4.  How is Lanter Technologies different from other technological companies, why are you unique?

 We listen to our clients, and provide a unique unbiased solution to satisfy our individual clients needs, leveraging a global range of services and solutions.

We will provide analytics for core business applications to equip our clients with valuable information to enable them to make more informative business decisions.

 For more information about Lanter Technologies visit their website lanter.com.au